Downtime and Web hosting

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The Overview

Expressed in percentile, downtime refers to the condition when a server is down or unavailable. The opposite of uptime. A downtime is usually an indicator that something in the server or the system went wrong or crashed.

Scheduled and Unscheduled Downtime

As the name says, a scheduled downtime is an announced downtime that is aimed at maintenance. Nobody will be surprised when the system or server shuts down. This is also good because it shows that the providers understand what the customers need and are trying to improve the system.

An unscheduled downtime is unannounced and can happen anytime, which can be a cause for concern. This usually happens when a network or a software in the infrastructure fails or crashes.

A leading candidate for unscheduled downtime would be a software failure. It is usually the operating system or one of the applications.

Effects of Downtime on E-commerce

The severe impact is usually felt by businesses that have dedicated e-commerce. This impact will be felt both directly and indirectly. A website is important not only for direct sales but to other services as well such as product launches, customer service and after sales. Looses have been pegged by experts to be at around $1000 an hour. Imagine that! But there are damages worse than this which cannot immediately be felt because it is indirect but will slowly reveal itself in time.

Downtime Monitoring System

Out of 100%, most providers assure of a 99% uptime guarantee, leaving a 1% chance for a downtime. Not bad, right? Well, it depends. If you translate the 1% into the number of hours in a year, it represents 7.2 hours of downtime. Remember, this 1% only refers to server downtime and not the entire system which is an entirely different story.

If your company does online business, it would be best to transfer it in-house. A drawback would probably be the cost as this might be a tad too expensive to swallow.

A good thing to have is a monitoring system that will track your downtime. Usually third party, they make sure that your site is running optimal and that you are getting the best value for your money. Another advantage from this would be the trust and confidence that you gain from your customers when you place the monitoring system’s link in your site. It will show the customers that you are serious about quality and service and we know that that is what they want.

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