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How to Factory Reset Windows 10 Mobile Devices

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Dec 28, 2015

Factory resetting your device solves a number of problems. From inexplicable battery issues to performance lags, factory reset is one of the last solutions that a user is recommended before actually going to an expert or a help center. If you are wondering how to factory reset Windows 10 Mobile powered devices for a renewed experience, here are the easy few steps.

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How to factory reset Windows 10 Mobile devices:

If you need to factory reset your Windows powered device, it can be done in a few simple steps. Please note, however, that a hard reset erases all the data present on your Lumia device. The process restores your phone to a state of a new device, setting it back to the default configurations. Make sure that you create a backup of your data before proceeding.

However, if you can’t access this option or if your Windows 10 Mobile device is stuck, following are the steps to hard reset your Lumia device.

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